A Great Read

Though not an avid reader of murder mysteries, I do occasionally indulge, and P.D. James is just about my favourite writer. I recently picked up a copy of “The Lighthouse”–can’t put it down. Here’s an example of her superb writing, the beginning description of what turns out to be a tense and argument-charged dinner:
“As always there was a menu written in Mrs. Burbridge’s elegant hand. They were to begin with melon balls in an orange sauce with a main course of guinea fowl with roasted vegetables followed by a lemon soufflé. The first course was already in place. Oliver took up his spoon and fork and regarded his plate with a frown as if irritated that anyone should waste time forming melon into balls.”
       Love it! Such richness and economy of detail. The last sentence nails the character perfectly.


About tdurrie

An aging radical with thoughts about society, education, arts, politics, and food.
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